Cruise Your Profit

A Cash Management System that Makes Profit a Habit.

Put the lightning rod back in your business – that’s YOU

As a business owner, you know two things:

1. You started your business to solve a problem.


2. In the wake of solving that problem, you thought that profit would be inevitable… but that’s not quite how it’s working out.

And instead of solving the problem and enjoying the profit, you've become an accountant...

– You’re doing payroll

– You’re up at 10 pm sending invoices (wtf?)

– You’re booking

Or, you’re not doing any of that, and you’re feeling totally out of control when it comes to money. Either way, YOU. ARE. STRESSED.  And the profit? Yeeeeaaah…not happening the way it should. 

Solve the Problem Cruise the Profit

“I was able to give myself a 30% raise.” 

Chris Gulliver, Owner – Showhomes San Diego North

A profitable business means a de-stressed business owner. We know this. But how do you make profit when all your money from sales is only paying your expenses?



How do you make a profit when there isn’t enough money left to pay your taxes?



How do you make a profit when you’re paying yourself last (even though you’re the most important person in your business)?

What if you could learn how to manage your financial systems so that you could guarantee profitability and reduce stress?


What if you could stay in your zone of genius and do the thing you’re meant to do – have more visibility on your business and see your business thrive because you’ve created cash flow systems so that don’t have to think about the finances – you can be the creative entrepreneur of your dreams.

What if you could re-ignite the vision that you had when you started your business, and start making it a reality?

As a savvy, strategic business owner you deserve to put your profit (and YOURSELF) first!

Financial Habits

Profit First is a book and method developed by best-selling author Mike Michalowicz. The traditional business accounting formula says SALES – EXPENSES = PROFIT.


But, you’re not traditional.


So, Profit First flips it and reframes it to become SALES – PROFIT = EXPENSES. Profit First shows you how to set boundaries for your money and leverage basic human behaviors to have a powerful impact on your business.


What does that mean? YOUR LIFE = CHANGED.


And I’m going to show you how!

Get help in three ways:

1:1 Personal Mentorship

1:1 Personal Mentorship

Work directly with me to review your current cash flow systems and profit strategies. Set clear personal and professional intentions. Together, we will design a customized Profit Blueprint that serves the needs of your business and supports your personal goals. I will walk you, step by step, through the implementation of your new Profit Blueprint, celebrating your wins and guiding you around the pitfalls. When you are familiar with the Profit First method and you are ready to take your Profit Blueprint to its highest level, this is the master class for you. Can include members of your leadership team. Ready for a mentor, supporter, cheerleader, advisor, and finance freak?
Put My Profit First

Profit Blueprint Academy

Profit Blueprint Academy

Your business is in your blood. You know it, and your customers know it. They can feel the passion and energy that you put into every piece of work you do…but you can’t do EVERYTHING! Envision the beginning of an incredible journey with a game plan that ensures a dependable monthly salary, tax funds, cash savings, informed decision-making, and the freedom to excel in your zone of genius. Introducing the Instant Profit Blueprint Academy! This transformative course marks the first step towards bidding farewell to financial worries and embracing a future where you flourish while your business thrives. Get ready to align the essential elements of your business and set sail towards a prosperous and secure horizon.
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Bookkeeping Services

Bookkeeping Services

Closing the books can be muddy - imagine it wasn’t. Sound good? Are you struggling to keep up with your regular bookkeeping needs but not ready or wanting to hire an in-house position? We can help! We offer outsourced bookkeeping and accounting services customized to the size and complexity of your business. Because when the day is done, you should be too.
I'm In!

Human. Hassle-free. Hella joy.

Imagine you could be the type of business owner who takes meetings with cool confidence because you’re just not all that busy.



Imagine lifting the hood into the finances of your business without being embarrassed because you know the person sorting it all out has felt the same pains, just like you.


Imagine falling back in love with your business while increasing cashflow and generating wealth.



Turn your role in your business around – get out of the bookkeeping weeds, and become the CEO again.

“Shawna knows everything there is to know about finances – she’s like my CFO. I can ask her questions, so I don’t burden the team. Shit’s just better than it was.”

The Proof is in the Pudding

Are you ready for a cash management system that makes PROFIT a habit.