Shawna Cruise’s Story

Where it started...

With all the wide-eyed optimism and confidence of youth, at 19 I started my entrepreneurial journey as an independent hairstylist, scratching together a degree in accounting and finance, ultimately building 3 full-service hair salons, spas and retail stores, hiring hundreds of employees and serving thousands of clients. I suffered through the excruciating pain of building teams and losing teams, long negotiations with banks, vendors, landlords and investors. I have spent sleepless nights figuring out which “Peter” had enough money to pay “Paul” and felt suffocated under the weight of debt, all in the pursuit of “success”.


I have felt doubt about my choices and have had many lives depend on them, wondering if I really had what it took…and what if I didn’t?


I was raised the only child of a single hippie mom and a brilliant alcoholic father. I didn’t think it was weird not having running water or electricity but I did know I was lucky because we “got” to move all our furniture outside in the summer sleeping under the stars and feeling the wind. We traveled the world hitchhiking, lived in a school bus and joined a commune. I was eating avocado toast before it was cool and followed a guru when the western world considered it witchcraft. I understood that adventure was opportunity, and anything was possible with creativity and commitment.


When you believe in greatness and have a passion for serving the world through your talents, you take risks, you see opportunities where others see challenges and sometimes you crash and burn.

After 25 years of “livin’ the dream”, the dream morphed into a nightmare of bad breaks, over-expansion, and not enough cash stability to compensate. Feeling the weight crushing my soul and the bitterness seeping in, I knew I was done. Done for, done in, you name it DONE. I won’t bore you with the details. Let’s just say whatever pain you’re feeling now…I get it.


Persist. Evolve. Excel. Reset.

You keep going. You learn. You get better. You start over.


With my accounting education, 25 years of management and leadership experience, and a deeply personal understanding that every business thrives or dies at the altar of cash flow I discovered the Profit First method and found my mission. 

I am passionate about your entrepreneurial greatness. With education, understanding, and tools, I provide the cash flow blueprint for your business to thrive. I believe that creative people delivering their talents on a larger scale through entrepreneurialism make the world
a better place.

The Proof is in the Pudding

Are you ready for a cash management system that makes PROFIT a habit.